Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Black Spinel Gemstone Information

Black Spinel Gemstone Information

Magnesium aluminium (spinel) a common high-temperature mineral is a member of spinel group of minerals. Its hardness is 8 on hardness scale which makes spinel one of the hardest mineral. Due to its excellent hardness and clarity black diamond beads or Black spinel it is considered a fine gem for all sort of jewelry.

Among all of the spinel gemstones Black spinel is the most famous gemstone and natural, black spinel requires no treatment other than polishing. Many of the minerals that are associated with spinel are dark in color. Black spinel a clean and fine colored stones which have rarity value.

Black Spinel and its Significant

The black spinel is associated with love and helps wearer to put their ego aside and increases duration of wearers’ life. It is also said that it increases passion and being positive stone re-establish relationship and resolves issues. It is not considered as birthstone and most often confused with black tourmaline. Black Spinel is a true gemstone which is collected for its own beauty.
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